The Origin of Cloud Body… To Understand What Your Body Tells You


Millions of people around the world have connected their bodies to any fitness tracker (like Fitbit, Garmin, Polar, Apple Watch, Microsoft Band, Nokia, etc.). At first, what a joy to receive all this data in connection with the activity of our body and the results of an activity.

But very quickly, we find that all these data points are almost impossible to understand and exploit. Why? Because they are only raw data. They are not interpreted in terms of our metabolism and current abilities. They do not take into account the main factors that determine our current level of physical fitness (like health status, medication, level of fitness, endurance, personal goals). Although many of these fitness tracker suggest you some goals to achieve, they cannot consider the capabilities and needs of your body.
So, you can get the greatest amount of data possible on your body through your fitness tracker, if you are unable to interpret them or link them to your own body and your very unique metabolism, is it really useful?

Cloud Body ( ) does not want to reinvent fitness trackers because they are already highly powerful and very useful tools. What Cloud Body does for you is to make your fitness tracker an advanced tool. In fact, we give meaning to your data.

By subscribing to Cloud Body, you will be asked to perform certain metabolic assessments or tests using your fitness tracker. These tests will allow the platform to measure several parameters that determine your current physical capacity and the status of your metabolism.

So, if your goal is to lose weight, you will know the ideal heart rate area to stay within, your specific goal of weight loss and the calorie, protein, fat and carbohydrate intake that your body needs to lose weight. Everything is done without any privation or any high intensity exercise. Simply because we start by analyzing how your metabolism works, we identify the ZONE that allows you to achieve your goals. Minimum effort for maximum results.

If your goal is to improve your athletic performance, you will discover what physical or physiological aspects to specifically work on. So, no more blind training … You reach a surgical level of training.

If you want to improve the health of your workforce, you just need to do a basic analysis to find out what risk factors you should target to reduce absenteeism and the be aware of the health risks of your employee groups.

And that does not stop there… Your goals are precisely determined and you have a plan tailored to your needs and ability. Depending on the actions and behaviors you need to adopt, you will receive notifications that will acknowledge your successes or pinpoint the areas to improve some of your behaviors (like increase your protein intake to meet your plan’s recommendations).

Cloud Body is there to understand your body and guide you according to your abilities. We adapt the plan to your needs… We never ask you to adapt to a general plan that assumes that you are like all the other people. You are unique, your body is unique, your metabolism is unique, your response to workout and to weight loss will also be unique. Understanding YOUR body and teaching you how to feed, train and process it in order to achieve your goals is the raison d’être of Cloud Body.

Welcome to Cloud Body!
Dr. Denis Boucher, Ph.D.
Chief Science Officer
Cloud Body Corporation

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