Mobile Laboratory

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The entire cloudbody team is pleased to welcome you as a new member. We promise you personalized reports and a coaching approach as accurate and personalized as necessary. To meet all your expectations, it will require frequent measurements to adjust the parameters of your program as you make progress. We present the options and we can take care of the purchase on your behalf according to your needs.

Fitness Tracker

Your mobile lab must therefore include a fitness tracker. We definitely recommend the FitBit brand. We can also work with the Withings watch and their Steel HR model.
Our partnership with these two recognized brands gives us access to readings of your heart rate every second which allows us to analyze your activities and your tests results.
You have three choices among the FitBit watches that are supported by our programs:

fitbit Compare

A Smart Scale

More than just a traditional scale, the bio-impedance scale tracks weight, body mass index (BMI), as well as the percentage of lean and fat mass. Synchronization is done wirelessly and remotely via your home Wi-Fi network.
Once again, FitBit and Withings are the two preferred partners of choice for this device.

fitbit Scale
Available in White and Black

Tracks weight, body mass index (BMI), percentage of lean mass and fat mass. Designed with polished glass surface.
Recognizes up to eight users while maintaining the confidentiality, displays weight statistics and progress achieved through clear and legible rankings and graphs.

Based on price and quality of the product, we recommend the new Body Cardio recently

Withings Scale

Available in White and Black

Body composition

Weight, BMI, Fat, Percentage of water, Muscle mass and Bone mass: Body Cardio gives you a complete view of your body. The display also shows the weight change over the last 8 weighing, for immediate visualization of progress.

For the first time, it is possible to measure the pulse wave velocity at home. This measure is considered by physicians as the key indicator to prevent the risk of developing hypertension or cardiovascular disease.

With only 1.8 cm thick, Body Cardio is the finest scale in the world. Its toughened glass top, aluminum base and the absence of spacers form a neat design and provide extreme precision on all indicators.

Up to 8 people can track their weight on their smartphone with a single scale. Body Cardio automatically recognizes each user. The built-in battery provides 12 months of operation before charging is required.

Compare your weight curve to your caloric intake. Body Cardio connects to more than 100 health and fitness applications such as MyFitnessPal, Lose It, and Apple Health to compare your efforts to your progress.

Place your order

By sending your authorization to, we can place an order for you, get additional discounts and ship the required items to the address associated with your profile.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

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